Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book review: Two books on astronomy

(This is a recap of another post on my personal (Danish) blog)

I've recently finished reading two very good books on astronomical myths and cosmic events, written by Phil Plait (Bad Astronomer). Both were a very good read and both were exciting and enlightening.

The first one I read was Death From the Skies! which is about the different ways the universe can, and will, destroy us and what, if anything, we can do about it.
A very entertaining walkthrough of various cosmic events such as gamma ray bursts, black holes and meteors.
An incredibly fascinating read and fairly easy to understand and enjoy even if your knowledge of astronomy and the universe is limited. Phil is very good at keeping his explanations at an understandable level.

Death From the Skies! (hardcover and paperback versions)

The second book was Bad Astronomy which is dedicated to debunked all the various myths and misconceptions that exist on astronomy. Such as why we have seasons, Hubble myths, eclipses, phases of the moon and so on. Lots of myths are debunked including some you didn't even know you had fallen for.
Once again a very fascinating and educational book.

Bad Astronomy

I highly recommend both.

My next read will be Bad Medicine by Christopher Wanjek.