Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disgusting snake-oil salesman gets what he deserves

I got this in a tweet from Dr Rachie today
'Snake oil salesman gets what he deserves http://tinyurl.com/ycuyo67 Wow! (via Chris and JREF)'
and decided to follow the link.

It's to a video at scepticsbook.com, which is from the show Dragon's Den, where people can get their projects financed if a team of business experts (the "dragons") find the project solid and interesting. But this guy sells useless "miracle cures", a bottle of clean water which he claims can cure cancer, leukaemia, all kinds of bacterial infections and fight off all kinds of viruses.

I feel sick to my stomach and a bit proud at the same time.
Sick because that disgusting liar will end up killing people with his "miracle cure". Not because his $18 bottle of water is dangerous, but because he promises them cures that are impossible.
And proud because he got kicked off the show and called 'offensive', 'crazy' and 'disgusting'.

He's the worst kind of quack. The kind who believes his own lies so badly, he doesn't care about the people he might hurt.

Kudos to the "Dragons" for kicking that bastard off of their show.