Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

David Bradley over at has created a very cool periodic table which, unlike the real periodic table, features science blogs behind every element (such as Jack of Kent as K, Alice in Galaxyland as Mg (Milkyway Galaxy) and so on).

And at Ba (Barium) you'll find 'BarMonger Science' which leads you right back to this blog.

You can see the entire periodic table here.
Go check it out and have a look at the various blogs, there are lots of cool ones in that table.

If you have a science blog yourself you can still request a place in the table (as long as spots are available) as long as you (or your blogs) name fits the letters in the element (like BARmonger and BARium) by applying here or here.


David Bradley said...

Thanks for the shout out. Just so you readers know, the PT4SB started on Friday 19th March was all but completed within a day and full by Monday thanks to all the greater bloggers who got in touch to request and element. There were lots I couldn't add, unfortunately. Maybe I'll embed isotopes next...

Alice said...

Thanks for linking to the galactic penguin/milky way too! I love that Periodic Table.