Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Victory for Sense and Reason!

Simon Singh's libel appeal case had it's final court date today.
For obvious reason I wasn't able to attend, but by following Jack of Kent on Twitter (and the #SinghBCA tag) everyone else was able to share in the suspense.

At 10:34 am CET the following message was given: '"WIN! #SinghBCA".
Followed by the quotes (from the judges): "not a jot of evidence...a statement of opinion, and one backed by reasons" and "bogus...more emphatic than assertive".

So now Simon has won.
But the victory is tainted by the fact that it had to come this far. That a man of science has to defend his scientific opinion and research in a court room, because a quack organization is afraid people might discover that they are, in fact, quacks and charlatans.

I don't have time to post more about this right now, but I'm very happy and thrilled about the whole thing.
If you want more information (or if you want any information at all), go see Jack of Kent's blog. I'm sure he'll write more about the whole thing :).

Update (from batarista on Twitter):
Simon Singh press conference due 11:00 BST. Live audio (hopefully!) on Implications for #Science #SinghBCA & #LibelReform