Friday, June 25, 2010

I am a Master of Science.. Engineering that is :)

I just successfully defended my Master's Thesis today and can now call myself M.Sc.Eng [in some countries it will be M.Eng (Master of Engineering)] (in Denmark I've also earned the title of Civil Engineer, but I understand that in some countries engineering degrees aren't academic).
It's a degree in software engineering, focusing on embedded and real-time systems.

The topic of the thesis was 'Creating a framework for dynamic interactive stories - digital storytelling with mobile phones and Arduino-based systems'.
I wanted to examine the possibility of expanding interactive storytelling, on mobile phones, dynamically as the user move around the environment and interacts with embedded devices. Additionally I wanted to add direct physical interaction to the stories, allowing users to interact with and control physical devices in the surrounding environment.

It went well and the end result was a software framework, which allows developers to create these dynamically expanding interactive stories. The physical interaction part was also demonstrated and the framework supports easy integration of pretty much any type of device, as long as it can be interacted with from the digital and analogue ports of an Arduino-based board.

Okay, that's it for me. It's a massive relief to be done with the thesis as I have been writing it along my regular work, and not as a full-time student as is usually the case.

The thesis can be seen here, but everything except the abstract is in Danish. The videos have Danish annotations, but they still demonstrate what is going on.