Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last day of astronomy

Not the last day of astronomy ever, but just the last day of the astronomy course I've been following.
We were hoping to get a chance to look through the telescopes at the observatory today, but unfortunately the sky was very cloudy all evening. I'll have to sign up for one of the free exhibits at the observatory to get a chance to look through the telescopes during this fall/winter.
I'll get some pictures then and post them on this blog, but there will be no sky pictures this time.

Picture from phys.au.dk

Instead I'll post a link to another blog (Astronomy Picture of the Day) because of an incredible cool post yesterday. APOD features a new astronomy related picture everyday with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
The post I want to bring your attention to is the 2010 October 4 picture. It's a panoramic view from the rover Opportunity on Mars (the brother/sister to the Spirit Rover, which still hasn't awoken from its winter hibernation) as it moves towards the Endeavour Crater.

 Click the image to see it in its full glory. It's a huge picture you really have to see in the larger version.
The picture is from the APOD web site.

Starts With a Bang
And while I'm at it I'll give you a link to another cool blog called Starts With a Bang. The blog is written by an astrophysicist and he writes about a lot of interesting scientific topics such as 'Geocentrism: Was Galileo Wrong?' and 'What is the Speed of Gravity?'.
But the real reason I thought of the blog is that he recently made a post about titled 'But it moves! How we know the Earth rotates', where he (among other things) mentioned the Foucault Pendulum which I also talked about in my previous post on the planetarium in Aarhus.

You should give the blog a look, he gives brilliant explanations (which are easy to understand) of many different phenomenon with lots of pictures, diagrams and examples.