Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Solar eclipse picture

Of course the solar eclipse yesterday was obscured by clouds where I am so I didn't get to see it live.
But never fear, there's a lot of amateur/professional photographers out there taking pictures of cool astronomical stuff.

This one you might have seen already, either on the Bad Astronomers blog or from one of the many links which were spammed on Facebook/Twitter yesterday and today.
And yes, that is the ISS eclipsing the Sun at the same time as the Moon is. It doesn't get much cooler than this (the ISS is the small blob at the top left of the Sun, click the image to view full size).

Picture by Thierry Legault - click to view full size image

The picture was taken by Thierry Legault, who is also the man behind these awesome pictures of the shuttle Discovery docked at the ISS during the STS-131 mission (click to view full size).

 Picture by Thierry Legault - click to view full size image

But there are many more pictures to see on the net if you haven't already, for instance these 15 pictures of the eclipse from Sweden.

Astropixie also has a picture of a very cool eclipse during the sunrise (the picture was featured on APOD).

Here is another incredible awesome picture of an eclipse, but this one taken from space. The picture shows the shadow of the Moon being cast on the Earth, as it eclipses the Sun. Pretty cool :-)