Friday, January 28, 2011

Space Shuttle Challenger

25 years ago today the Challenger disaster took the lives of seven American astronauts.

In the back row from left to right: Ellison S. Onizuka, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, and Judy Resnik.
In the front row from left to right: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ron McNair.

On the 28th of January 1986 the space shuttle Challenger disintegrated only 73 seconds after lift off killing the entire crew of seven.
I won't go into much details about the disaster in this post you can find that elsewhere.


This is merely a post to remember the sacrifices that have been made in order for mankind to begin its journey into space and to honour the brave people who dare venture into space on behalf of all of us even though it may cost them their lives.

The Day of Remembrance (yesterday actually) is an annual event to honour the crews and families that paid the ultimate price;
Apollo 1 (January 27, 1967), Challenger (January 28, 1986) and Columbia (February 1st, 2003).

Picture from 'Red and Rover'

I was 6½ at the time of the disaster but I still remember it vividly. Back then shuttle launches were covered much more intensely on the news so we were all watching.
The destruction of the shuttle really left an impact. Something I'll never forget.


Roy Durham said...

i knew some of them personally. i work with some and i work on the srb's

barmonger said...

Yea, sometimes the best people pay the highest price.
All we can do is remember them and honour their sacrifice.

Thanks for commenting :-)