Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Moon and the rainbow

As we were driving down the motorway today as the sun was setting and the rain had just stopped, we noticed a beautiful rainbow to the east, with a little twist.
(as always, click the images for larger versions)

As we were looking for a place to stop and take some pictures, my girlfriend took this one out of the car window.

Rainbow at speed

Unlike most of the rainbows I've seen, this one didn't stop at the horizon. It continued a bit and almost appeared to end right next to the road we were on. Quite cool.

The rainbow appeared to end behind those bushes

But that wasn't the coolest thing about this rainbow and it wasn't the reason we wanted to stop.
No this rainbow had a companion which made the view spectacular:
The Moon was peeking out behind the clouds right besides the rainbow.

Rainbow with the Moon

And here's a close-up. It isn't often you manage to capture the Moon inside a rainbow like this :-)

Rainbow and the Moon close-up