Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simon Singh and the libel reform

This is just a short update on my previous posts regarding Simon Singh and the libel reform.
The last time I posted about this subject, two weeks ago, Simon had just won his case in the Court of Appeals and the BCA had released a statement stating that they were disappointed in the verdict.

During the last two weeks the libel reform campaign has continued as the small victory won on April 1st was just one of many needed.

But today the BCA submitted a "Notice of Discontinuance". Which is "we give up" in legalese.
This means that the case against Simon is now over (except for the fact that the BCA hasn't mentioned how Simon's expenses are to be covered[Jack of Kent talks about it here]).

This also means that it is now okay to say that 'the BCA happily promote bogus treatments for which there is not a jot of evidence'.

But it doesn't mean that the libel reform is done. Far from it actually. Now it can begin properly with all resources focused on changing the abhorrent libel laws in England.
You should read Jack of Kent's post 'BCA v Singh Ends: what does this mean?' to get a real insight into the meaning of this event.

Edit: Crispian_Jago has posted a fantastic summary of the entire case (as a ladybird easy-reading book).

Once again I ask you to please sign the libel reform petition (if you haven't already) and ask your friends to do the same. 50000 signatures were reached yesterday, but many more is needed.